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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Celebrity Style: Kylie Minogue and the Yves Saint Laurent Easy Y Satchel

Kylie Minogue photo via Celebutopia

I'd like to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month here on Señora Cartera by featuring the absolutely stunning Kylie Minogue. I love Kylie and not just from the "Can't Get You Outta My Head" days. Nope, I love her from the "Locomotion" days (google it if you're too young to remember). This is a woman who always has a smile on her face. She has attributed her upbeat attitude on life for helping her cope with breast cancer. This sassy survivor is a shining example to all women that life is worth fighting for and giving up is not an option.

I'm always fascinated by her handbag choices. She loves the classics but isn't afraid to shake things up. Her latest love, the YSL Easy Y Satchel, is a classic in the making. The simple design features rolled leather handles, gold-tone hardware, dual zip top closure and side snap tabs. A large, tonal "Y" stitched on the front (but thinner than the "Y" on the 'Muse') serves as the only decorative element as well as the all-important label identifier. We know that's not the reason Kylie loves this bag, though. She's probably in love with the soft, pebbled leather and fun turquoise color. For $1195, the YSL Easy Y Satchel is a good buy, and if Kylie likes it then that's enough of an endorsement for me.

Stay healthy, Kylie.

Shop Kylie's turquoise YSL Easy Y Satchel (or a more somber black version that's also available) via Neiman Marcus

*Visit the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month website for the latest information on the disease.


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