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Monday, October 6, 2008

Hermès Spring 2009 Collection: Cowgirl Chic

Jean Paul Gaultier is a maverick designer. Who else other than Gaultier (or perhaps Galiano at Dior) would create such a borderline kitsch collection where Stetson-topped, boot-walking, fringe-wearing, Birkin-carrying models are supposed to be taken seriously? Let's face it, this collection is a gamble...that pays off. The Hermès Spring 2009 Collection is cowgirl chic at its' most refined.

The reason why this collection safely evades the stigma of "fashion joke" is due in large part to fabulous accessories and Gaultier's enormous restraint. While some of the pieces are trimmed in fringe and silhouettes are shaped to evoke images of the Old West, these Western references are subdued by earth-tone hues and lux fabrics. The effect is more reflective than "in-your-face". The accessories, as I mentioned before, play an important role in delivering Gaultier's 'cowgirl chic' vision. From hats to jewelery to shoes and, of course, handbags, Hermès accessories steal the show.

An Hermès bag is always a visual treat. Its' classic look and feel will compliment just about any collection Gaultier can dream up (maybe outer space couture is next;-)). My favorite bags from this collection, an understated black alligator Kelly clutch and an ivory, fringe-accented Trim bag, are polar opposites in style, yet equally appeal to me. That's the rhyme and reason for Hermès' success - it can be all things to all people.

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