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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kooba Vanessa Tote Bag

I started this blog because I felt I had something to say about my favorite obsession, handbags, that other like-minded women might appreciate. Not just any handbags, ladies, designer handbags to be exact. I had suffered years of ridicule from friends and family that criticized my expensive taste in bags and couldn't understand why someone would spend so much money on a chunk of leather. This blog is my way of sifting through a saturated market of sometimes falsely advertised "designer" bags, finding the real jems and, perhaps, saving some money or at least urging others to make wise purchases. In the hopes of introducing you to a wide variety of quality handbags in all price ranges (as I hope I've done up until now), here's my latest love, the Kooba Vanessa Tote Bag.

I've had my eye on this bag ever since I saw Kooba's fall preview. Suede is one of this season's hottest trends as well as being a great finish that adds instant "luxury " to any handbag if executed in the right way. Kooba has done just that and in a large size (15.5 x 14 x 4) which is hard to accomplish with suede. The 'Vanessa' has a host of exterior and interior pockets for convenient storage. The olive green suede exterior and limited uses of hardware gives this tote an elegant look and feel. It's priced at $695 so you don't have to feel like you're being taken advantage of on the purchase of a bag that might just be part of a passing trend (but I think this one will be around for awhile).

Kooba Vanessa Tote Bag available via Saks Fifth Avenue


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