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Monday, November 3, 2008

Marc Jacobs Casey Double Quilted Tote

I've never been a huge fan of Marc Jacobs' "quilted" bag obsession (case in point - the 'Stam' bag, of which the non-quilted versions are my favorite). However, I can still appreciate an elegant, quilted bag when I see it. The Casey Double Quilted Tote, done in a serene shade of beige, is the perfect tote for those who want to look sophisticated even when they must carry a large bag.

Measuring a roomy 15 x 14 x 5, the 'Casey' is crafted from supple leather and features a wrap-around buckled belt. Jacobs really loves to use standard closures as decorative elements such as the kiss-lock on the 'Stam' and the turn-lock on most of his MARC by Marc Jacobs line. Last season we saw a heavy focus on the push-lock which is thrown on the 'Casey' as a purely decorative feature as well. I really love the bag's open top and magnetic snap closure which gives it just the right touch of "casual". Surprisingly, the Casey Double Quilted Tote is priced under $1500. In today's inflated designer handbag market, finding an appropriately priced bag like this is a tough task. Perhaps Jacobs' is poising himself as the designer who'll provide fashionistas with quality accessories that are still within reach. As $2000 and up price tags become the norm and the global economy continues to remain at best unstable, both Jacobs and his followers can strike a mutually beneficial balance. Keep up the good work, Marc. At least until spring, that is, when those garish hodge-podge bags you previewed on the runway in September are set to make their debut.

Marc Jacobs Casey Double Quilted Tote available for $1295 via eLUXURY


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