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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Arrivals Alert - Louise Vuitton "Stephen Sprouse" Collection

If you were a teenager during the 80s as I was then you undoubtedly sported fashion pieces inspired by designer Stephen Sprouse. The late Sprouse, famous for his bright graffiti-clad designs, collaborated with Marc Jacobs in 2001 to produce the instantly sold-out Louis Vuitton Graffiti collection. Now Jacobs pays homage to this spirited designer by revisiting the popular, punk-inspired collection.

The Monogram Graffiti collection, available since January 9th in stores with a few pieces available on-line, has the popular Speedy and Neverfull bags priced above the $1000 mark. Collectors and LV lovers are already wait-listed for key pieces.
In addition, a more subdued (and appealing) Monogram Roses collection is also up for grabs. Again, a large portion of this collection is currently available in stores only with a few designs available on-line.

I'm tempted by the Mono Roses and Graffiti Speedy (in orange only as the fuchsia and day-glo green are just too jarring on the eyes for my taste), but their price tags are keeping me and my wallet at a safe distance. I might opt for a small coin purse just to have something from this homage collection.

Shop the entire Stephen Sprouse collection on the Louis Vuitton website or through eLUXURY


1 Response to "New Arrivals Alert - Louise Vuitton "Stephen Sprouse" Collection"
  1. handbagcritic said...
    Wednesday, January 14, 2009

    I was a teenager in the 80's and I would have loved these bags back then..hit the age... but the prints really are a turn off for me now. I love the structure and shape of the bags, but the prints I'll have to pass on.

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