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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Spotlight On....Zara Terez Handbags

The new year deserves to be ushered in with the discovery of new talent in the world of designer handbags. Zara Terez (love the name!) epitomizes the artistry that has always been inherent in handbag design. Her original silhouettes and intense attention to craftsmanship meld together in each of her well thought out and, frankly, funky designs. This artist finds inspiration everywhere around her - from her family to her Atlantic Beach, NY surroundings. Zara's artistic sensibility is what sets her designs apart from the rest, and are getting her work noticed.

If you take time to browse her website, you'll discover, as I did, that Zara is no wall-flower. The silhouettes of her moderately-priced collection are fun and functional. Take the Sunset Park satchel, for instance. This well-appointed design features adjustable shoulder straps as well as a slew of very practical outside pockets perfect for pack rats like me. The Clementine orange pebbled leather exterior is a burst of sunshine, but the interior lining of each and every one of Ms. Terez's designs are the real show stoppers. The complimentary circle tapestry of this particular design if a treat to the eyes and a welcome departure from your basic black lining. The Sunset Park measures 17 x 12 so it's very roomy indeed, and you can't help but be enticed by the $585 price tag.

Keep your eye out for Zara Terez and her fresh handbag designs. You'll be hearing and seeing more about them. That I'm certain of. Besides, who can help but love a designer that classifies her bags under such fantastic categories as "clubbing", "strolling" and "schlepping"?!?!

Browse the Zara Terez website to view her entire handbag collection as well as accessories for men.


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