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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Valentino Histoire Belted Tote

I often wonder who photographs handbags for the web because, frankly, I'm fairly certain I could do a much better job. The photos just do not do justice to the remarkable style and sophistication of the majority of designer handbags. For instance, the Valentino Histoire Belted Tote might be the sort of bag you'd easily overlook. That would be a pity because it's such a gorgeous, well-appointed tote. Granted, Valentino has been churning out some questionable designs as of late. Their obsession with roses is bordering on the ridiculous, and, yet, this stylish tote manages to wash away the sting of those other mistakes.

The Histoire Belted Tote features the familiar "braiding" design of its' other Histoire counterparts, but in a more subdued fashion. The effect is casual elegance at its' best. In person, this baby begs to be carried. It managed to make my Old Navy t-shirt and 4 yr old Hilfiger jeans look chic. Now a bag that can accomplish that seemingly impossible task is bank in my book. I can't recommend it enough. The belted cinch top is visually appealing but not to the point of distraction. It's quite roomy (17 x 15 x 6) and features two interior compartments separated by a zippered center pocket as well as a zippered compartment for smaller items. I know many of you are still weary of patent leather (why?!?), but, trust me, you'll squeeze every penny of the steep $1895 price tag out of this bag. Now if I could just get a job as the web handbag photographer for Neiman Marcus, I'm sure I could boost their sales and help the economy along as well.

Valentino Histoire Belted Tote available in black and purple patent leather for $1895 via Neiman Marcus


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