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Friday, March 6, 2009

Celebrity Style: Bulgari Dalia Shoulder Bag

What do Eva Mendes and Freida Pinto have in common asides from stunning, exotic looks, beautiful bodies and successful careers as actresses? Well, fabulous taste in handbags as is evident from these photos. Both ladies are carrying one of this season's hottest bags. The shoulder bag in question is none other than the Bulgari Dalia Shoulder Bag. If the name doesn't grab your attention then, perhaps, the bag's sophisticated design will.

The 'Dalia', a design from Bulgari's spring/summer '09 Doppio Tondo collection, sports a slightly hoboish shape - the latest trend in handbags. The soft, water buffalo leather exterior done in a refined neutral shade (other colors are available) is yet another trend for spring. Subtle goldtone hardware on the front and sides is kept to a minimum to enhance the 'Dalia's' classic appeal. The interior features a small compartment and cell phone pocket. Measurements are approximately 23 x 19 x 10 - certainly not for the faint of heart. It's priced at $2100 which is nothing to sneeze at nowadays, but the 'Dalia's' well thought out design, exceptional craftsmanship and ample size ensures its' owner will get their money's worth.

Shop the Bulgari Dalia and other styles exclusively at Bulgari shops or on-line via their website


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