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Monday, March 9, 2009

Celebrity Style: Lindsay Lohan and the Alexander Wang Donna Hobo

I won't talk about Lindsay Lohan because I think everything that can be said about her has been said already. I'll limit my comments to her taste in handbags. This young woman loves handbags from Louis Vuitton to Chanel to Balenciaga. In this photo, Lindsay is rockin' the retro, 80s-inspired Alexander Wang Donna Hobo.

I have one important observation to share with all of you about this bag. It's not for everyone. That means, ladies, if you're not a teenager or in your twenties or even a very young-looking 30-something, you should not be toting this hobo. The washed leather mimics the denim-washed look that was so prevalent during the 80s (and even today in some parts of the U.S.). While I love the multitude of zippered pockets peppered along the bag's front as well as the contrast of the silver tone hardware against the washed leather exterior, I know this bag would never look good on me. Period. On Lindsay, however, it looks hot. The hobo is this season's must-have style, and, for a young, modern woman like Ms. Lohan, the Alexander Wang Donna Hobo is the perfect choice.

Alexander Wang Donna Hobo available for $825 via Shopbop

P.S. - The Alexander Wang Donna Hobo also comes in a neutral, wrinkled leather finish as well as a black leather motorcycle-inspired version.

Lindsay Lohan photo via omg!


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