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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chanel Spring 2009 Handbag Collection Preview

It was just about six months ago that we caught our first glimpse of Chanel's Spring 2009 handbag collection. I applauded the beauty and sophistication of most of the handbags previewed, but there were a few designs that bordered on the ridiculous. I expressed my hope that no one would buy one of these kitschy bags, but I fear my hopes were in vain. Not only are we graced with the expected glamour of Chanel's classic handbags, but we are also stuck with nonsensical "shopping" bags.

Chanel handbag lovers will be more than satisfied with the iconic label's latest offerings. I've included photos of some of their best designs for your viewing pleasure. On the other hand, the shopping bags I mentioned (and seen pictured above) were not meant in jest and are, in fact, meant for sale. Ugh! We're supposed to take the good with the bad, but we certainly don't have to purchase both.

Browse Chanel's entire spring 2009 collection here

Photos via Chanel


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