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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Donna Karan Drawstring Shoulder Bag

I'm certain I've already mentioned my disdain for drawstring bags before, so imagine how disgusted I was to see a drawstring bag where the drawstrings don't run horizontally but, rather, vertically. I look at this bag and wonder why it was made. It's just so awful I couldn't justify buying it - E-V-E-R. I haven't been a fan of Donna Karan handbags, and the Drawstring Shoulder Bag is a perfect example of why I'm not.

This is a nonsensical hag bag not to mention a waste of perfectly good deerskin leather. It's enormous (15.5 x 14 x 4.5") and ridiculous. If you factor in the $1600 price tag, this Donna Karan design goes from ridiculous to insulting. Whoever is in charge of accessories over at Donna Karan better get their stuff together and come up with better designs than this bag. In fact, I'd settle for anything remotely normal-looking. If the creative direction of DK handbag design doesn't go through a complete overhaul soon, I'm afraid the label will become a joke in the designer handbag world. C'mon, you can do better folks.

Pre-order the Donna Karan Drawstring Shoulder Bag for $1595 via Saks


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