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Monday, March 16, 2009

Louis Vuitton Exotic Neverfull MM

I'm posting this because I wanted everyone to see just how ridiculous the designer handbag market has become. If you must have an insanely expensive bag for no other reason than to say to the world "Hey, here's my really expensive bag", be sure to consider the Louis Vuitton Exotic Neverfull MM for your next purchase. Other than possessing a luxurious alligator skin exterior, this version of LV's popular Neverfull collection is an absurd waste of money. Before I start receiving e-mails and comments expounding the virtues of all things Louis Vuitton, please consider that this bag's ludicrous $32,300 price tag could buy you 10-15 other Louis Vuitton bags not to mention at least two fabulous Hermes Birkins or several Nancy Gonzalez bags that sport equally stunning exotic finishes. I'm not saying LV isn't entitled to create these expensive bags, I'm just suggesting we put their worth into perspective and try to get more (I mean much more) for our money. Unless you're very wealthy or a famous celebrity, steer clear of these money traps. You'll only end up regretting such a rash purchase.

Shop for Louis Vuitton's Exotic Neverfull MM here


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