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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bag the Habit Reusable Shopping Tote

I can't say I'm the most eco-friendly consumer around, but I do try to do my best here and there. Two or three trips a week to the grocery store are not an uncommon occurrence in my home. I used to bring home tons of plastic grocery bags. While I recycled most by using them to dispose of garbage, I felt there had to be a better way to bring home the bacon. Then I saw reusable shopping bags at my local market. These bags were sturdier, held many more groceries and were very inexpensive. Now I see these bags all over the place. They're everywhere from my local pharmacy to Barnes & Noble to Target. It seems everyone wants to help the environment. That's great. I use my bags all the time, but I'd love to have a couple of reusable bags that were, how shall I put this gently, a tad more fashionable.

This is where the Bag the Habit Reusable Tote comes into play. The eco-friendly brand sells the most chic and classic-looking reusable totes around. Not only is the BtH tote stylish, it's extremely practical. It can carry up to 30lbs, measures a whopping 27.5 x 22 x 6 when opened, features comfortable padded handles for carrying or toting over the shoulder and folds closed into a perfect 4.5 x 4.5 square you can easily store in your handbag. It can hold over 3x's that of a standard grocery bag or 3 shoe boxes (DSW is calling my name now!).

Not only will the BtH Reusable Tote help you make a difference in the environment, its' manufacturing has also gone a long way to keep the impact to the environment at a minimum. The totes are made from recycled materials and low-impact dyes and are water-resistant. They come in three colors (plum, chocolate and midnight/aqua) and are very affordable. You can purchase any one tote for $18 or choose all three colors for $45. Now you can look great while you shop and feel good about the environment all at once.

Shop for the Bag the Habit Signature Reusable Tote here.


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