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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beirn Jenna Watersnake Tote

I've had my eye on this bag for some time now. Something about it keeps bringing me back for an occasional virtual visit. Could it be the tote's large size begging to be filled with all sorts of knick-knacks I simply can't live without? Probably. Perhaps it's the sturdy construction behind this chic, urban design that incessantly beckons me? Most likely. Or is it the insanely stunning espresso watersnake exterior that makes me swoon in front of my desktop like a star-struck school girl? Of course! In fact, everything about the Beirn Jenna Watersnake Tote entices the senses, so much so that I'm debating whether or not I need another tote. I already scooped up a MARC by Marc Jacobs tote last month. Can I really justify adding this one to my collection? Oh yeah! Who cares about justifying anything, I WANT THIS BAG!!! (Here's hoping my hubby reads this and remembers Mother's Day is fast approaching).

Beirn Jenna Watersnake Tote in espresso available for $315 via Neiman Marcus


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