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Monday, April 13, 2009

Celebrity Style: Halle Berry and the Roberto Cavalli Leather Fringed Shoulder Bag

Halle Berry photo via Celebutopia

I love Halle Berry, but I hate her bag. I know Halle is friends with Roberto Cavalli and has represented his label, but there is such a thing as saying "no" as in "No thank you, Roberto, I have so many bags I couldn't possibly fit one more in my closet". Perhaps if she felt obliged to accept anything Mr. Cavalli sent to her, she could have left the bag inside her closet never to see the light of day. Why keep it hidden? Because the Roberto Cavalli Leather Fringed Shoulder Bag is fugly.

If you took this disaster of a bag and proceeded to remove the gaudy logo, pointless fringes and over-the-top gold stud detailing, you'd be left with a simple, chic, black shoulder bag. It would probably be a bit boring, but so what? At least it wouldn't be so horrifying to look at. Plus you could slash the price by at least $1000. In any case, Halle is way too beautiful to tote this bohemian rocker train wreck around. Shove it back in the closet, girl, and tell Roberto you lost it or your dog chewed it up.

Roberto Cavalli Leather Fringed Shoulder Bag available for $2380 via Net-A-Porter


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