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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Celebrity Style: Kim Kardashian and the YSL Calypso Tote

Kim Kardashian photo via Celebutopia
YSL Calypso Tote photo via HGBags

Keeping up with the Kardashians is fun. Kim, in particular, is such a girly fashion plate it's hard not to love her. Her handbag collection is impressive and the envy of every handbag lover out there. Here she's pictured carrying the YSL Calypso Tote which I previewed here several months ago. This is not the first time we've seen Kim sporting a YSL bag. The woman loves YSL, and why not? YSL can do no wrong. Their classic designs are timeless and love by women everywhere.

As I wrote in my feature on the 'Calypso', this tote is a no-brainer purchase. You can see how amazing it looks. Kim's outfit is beautifully complimented by her ice blue version. While I was a bit miffed by the $2100 price tag the first time around (mainly due to the canvas-lined interior), I'm happy to report there are deals to be had if you want to add the 'Calypso' to your collection. HGBags, an eBay store run by a fellow handbag lover, has three new 'Calypso' bags up for sale. Black and navy versions are available immediately with a "Buy it now" option for $1225 and $1295 respectively. Kim's ice blue version is being auctioned and is currently showing a bid of $1195 on it. All three bags will be available until a little past 8:00PM EDT tonight. I've purchased from HGBags on many occasions, and all their bags are 100% authentic so do not worry about being taken for a ride. eBay can be a scary place to navigate, but, if you can find legitimate sellers, priceless treasures can be acquired.

P.S. - If these bags sell before you have a chance to get one, just contact HGBags via eBay to inquire when they can expect to receive more inventory.


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