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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chloé Safari Sally Shoulder Bag

This review will be short and not very sweet. While I love the Chloé Sally Shoulder Bag, I loathe the Chloé Safari Sally Shoulder Bag. It's ugly, unnecessary, and, frankly, insulting. The folks at Chloé expect women to fork over $2560 for a jungle-print canvas bag (even if it does have a snakeskin flap) when we could have the stunning leather version in a lovely violet hue for $1995. Is this choice even debatable? Of course not. Designers need to step back when they're onto a good thing or risk "jumping the shark". Chloé has definitely done so with this ridiculous hag-bag version.

Chloé Safari Sally Shoulder Bag and Chloé Sally Leather Shoulder Bag via Net-A-Porter


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