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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kate Spade Noel Sky Baby Bag

Expensive baby bags are quite the enigma to me. Why would anyone pay a large sum of money for a bag meant to haul around baby formula, baby food, soiled clothes and dirty diapers? I can only assume that these stylish moms toting Gucci or Tod's baby bags have immaculate, well-mannered tots who never make a mess, or they simply have money to burn. I for one have mess-magnets. That's right, my sons are ragamuffins that manage to get dirty just by engaging in the simple act of breathing. I'd be nuts to spend tons of cash on a designer baby bag, but I can't help but love some of the designs that are available for today's chic moms on-the-go.

My favorite is the Kate Spade Noel Sky Baby Bag. This bright, cheery bag with its' hibiscus red "lenox hill" quilted design and nylon/leather trim exterior is very appealing. Features include various pockets, both interior and exterior, as well as shoulder and stroller straps. A coordinating changing pad is included and the open-top design is perfect for those of us that require easy access to items when we're juggling a fussy baby in our arms. It's priced under $500, so the blow to your pocketbooks won't be too bad. If you must have a designer baby bag, the Kate Spade Noel Sky Baby Bag is my recommendation. If, however, you can't muster the strength to spend so much on a baby bag, I'll understand ;-)

Kate Spade Noel Sky Baby Bag available for $495 via Nordstrom


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