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Friday, April 3, 2009

Marc Jacobs Ruffled Hillary Dome Bag

Even though I reviewed another ruffled bag just a couple of days ago and ragged on it mercilessly, that doesn't mean ALL ruffled bags are gross. In fact, the Marc Jacobs Ruffled Hillary Dome Bag is nothing short of fabulous. How fabulous is it you might be asking yourselves? It's so fabulous I would consider parting with a few of my Balenciagas to fund its' purchase. OMG!!! Did I just write that? Yep, I did, and I actually meant it.

Before you start thinking I'm totally off my rocker, just look at the 'Hillary' carefully and you'll begin to appreciate its' sophisticated beauty. Unlike the Valentino Volants I shot down the other day, this MJ design gets the "ruffle" trend right. The detailing is subtle. That's the trick, really, to do ruffles in a very loose sort of way so that they don't give off that "cutesy" vibe I think we can all agree is way too infantile to merit wearing. Instead, the 'Hillary', with its' lush neutral beige leather exterior and eye-catching needlepoint top handle, draws us in and leaves us mesmerized. It measures 10.5 x 16 x 5 so it's definitely not for the faint of heart, but the design is so stunningly beautiful I can't imagine anyone not falling in love with it at first sight. I know I did. Now all I have to do is part with some of my B-bags so I can snatch this baby up quick.

Marc Jacobs Ruffled Hillary Dome Bag available for $1695 via Neiman Marcus


3 Responses to "Marc Jacobs Ruffled Hillary Dome Bag"
  1. gpc said...
    Monday, April 06, 2009

    Hi Dania!
    I haven't posted in a while, but had to on this one. I love this bag too and have been in the market for a fun, everyday bag. The color is neutral enough for that, but do you think it would be too over the top for everyday. Also, I like bags on the bigger side, so this is not a down side to me. BTW, love my YSL totem bag! Take care, gail

  2. Dania P. said...
    Monday, April 06, 2009

    I can understand why you love this bag, and big bags in general. That's the type of gal I am too. I do think this bag is just a tad over the top in regards to design, but the neautral color offsets that well. I wouldn't hesitate to use it everyday. I'd just be very careful with it.

    Congrats on your Totem. YSL is fabulous!!!

  3. handbagcritic said...
    Tuesday, April 07, 2009

    Hi Dania,
    I also haven't posted in awhile as we have been moving, but I had some time today and had to post on this one. Ruffled bags just aren't my favorite, and I loved your review of the Valentino Volants, and I must admit that I had to look at this one awhile.

    I'm a T-shirt and jeans kind of gal, so I don't think this bag would fit for my everyday, but I absolutely love the softness of the ruffles and the color is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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