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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mary Norton Bridal Essentials

I'll be celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary on April 23rd. I remember that day so well while my husband loves to tell me it was all a blur (men!). My anniversary got me thinking about my own wedding preparations, and how a year of planning flew by. If you're about to become a bride let me congratulate you. If you're marrying the man of your dreams you're one lucky gal. I'm sure you want to look like a princess on your special day, and I'm here to help you with a few suggestions like the nosy friend I am.

I had a pair of beautiful Stuart Weitzman heels I had to forgo because I broke my foot a few months before the wedding and couldn't manage the 4' heels. My handbag was a silver satin box-shaped bag with Swarovski crystal buckle detailing. It was lovely and perfectly matched my Spanish-designed Private Collection strapless, embroidered dress. Now that dress is preserved and tucked away in my closet. My Stuart Weitzman heels were donated to charity because, unfortunately, I still can't manage 4' heels. My adorable little bag sits inside its' dust bag inside my spare closet, and I'm ashamed to admit I've never used it again. This is not a conscious decision. I just think I'm very protective of it and don't want to chance an accident befalling it. Those are my insecurities, though. Don't follow my lead. Pick out the most fab pair of shoes and glorious evening bag you can find.

These are my personal faves from Mary Norton's Bridal collection. In case you don't know who Mary Norton is, just tune into any award show's red carpet coverage and you'll surely spot several celebrities carrying her stunning designs. What more appropriate "red carpet" moment will any woman have other than her wedding (assuming she's not Julia Roberts)? Probably none, so go all out and accessorize like a celebrity. While your future husband will only have eyes for your radiant, happy face, your female guests will certainly fawn over your sparkling accessories.


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