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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Maysa Borges Metallic Python Clutch at

Maysa Borges Metallic Python Clutch

Remeber the name Maysa Borges. This talented, Brazilian-born handbag designer redefines luxury by thinking "outside the box". Maysa's unique and inspired designs are crafted from a myriad of materials such as sequins, crystals, exotic skins and even coconut beads. Simple, classic styles combined with unusual materials come together to create elegant pieces any woman would be thrilled to have. Maysa's chic bags became an instant hit, and it's not too hard to understand why.

A fine example of Maysa's artistic talent is this gorgeous shiny bag that is calling my name and begging me to buy it. The Maysa Borges Metallic Python Clutch gives me exactly what I want from an evening bag - style, function and comfort. The trick to buying the right evening clutch is to make certain it will suit your needs. Don't try to downsize what you need to carry just so you can get that cute little clutch you're longing for. Take the time to find a bag large enough to store all your things. This stunning metallic silver genuine python clutch, with its' charming vintage chrome framed top and kiss-lock closure, provides plenty of style. Its' 12 x 7.5 size allows for lots of space to store all your essentials - a small wallet, keys, cell phone, compact and a lipstick. Who says an evening bag has to be the size of a soap bar to be "acceptable"? This is the 21st century, ladies, and it's high time we demand style and comfort from all our designer bags - even evening bags. Thank goodness there are well-designed bags out there for us to choose from. In case you're not in the market for an evening bag, perhaps an ultra-luxe oversized clutch might be more appealing an option. Be sure to check out Maysa's equally stunning Oversized Python Clutch which measures a very roomy 17 x 9 and is priced at $450.

Maysa Borges' designs are available on I can't rave enough about this site. Founded by Cristina de Basto and Kathy Liao (fellow Miamians!), LibaStyle is more than a shopping website, it's an online oasis offering luxury consumers the opportunity to discover a world of unique home and personal accents from the comfort of their own homes. These talented women, with a combined knowledge of interior design and finance, are seasoned global travelers who make their extensive network of friends and artists available to shoppers everywhere. LibaStyle is not just a place to find fabulous, unique handbags (although it has plenty of those). You can furnish your home, dress your man and pamper your pooch all from the same upscale online salon. Be sure to browse LibaStyle and see all it has to offer. You won't be disappointed by the diverse and sophisticated items available.

Maysa Borges Metallic Python Clutch - $420 via


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