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Monday, April 6, 2009

Recession Shopping: Jessica Kagan Cushman Statement Totes

I'll admit I'm not a big "statement" handbag fan. Whether it's a bag tauting the virtues of giving up plastic or simply going green, I say put it on a t-shirt and not on a bag. However, when the slogans are not preachy (especially the tongue-in-cheek variety), I can be persuaded to invest in a kitschy bag. When it comes to indulgent handbags, the deciding factor for me will always be price. That's why I'm really loving the Jessica Kagan Cushman statement totes.

You can choose one of these roomy 8 x 15 x 6.5 canvas totes to carry your groceries, gym clothes, baby stuff or beach gear. They're inexpensive ($35 - $37) so there is no excuse why you shouldn't scoop one up. Selections include the hilarious 'My other bag is Chanel' in white, the searingly true 'Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.' in blue or the sarcastic 'Black is the New Black' in, what else, black. I love them all, and at these prices I can afford to be fashionably frivolous and get as many as I want.
You can shop JKC statement totes as well as other "statement" accessories (bracelets, anyone?) she's so famous for via Shopbop or the designer's website


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