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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spotlight On.....Danielle Nicole Handbags

Handbag designer Danielle Nicole DiFerdinando launched Danielle Nicole Handbags in 2006, but her road to artistic accomplishment began long before that. Her passion for design, cultivated from an early age, brought Danielle to the Fashion Institute of Technology and later to Europe, where she focused on the design and manufacturing processes of the most famous design houses in the world: Fendi, Hermes, Prada, YSL and Armani.

Danielle continued her trek through the world of fashion at renowned companies such as Bergdorf Goodman, Gucci, Be&D and Anthony Luciano. With experience and an eye for design, Danielle branched out on her own. By 2007, buyers at Bergdorf's recognized Danielle and requested she design an exclusive cosmetic bag line. Her designs were an immediate success. A handbag collection soon followed, and buyers from Holt Renfrew, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales and other specialty boutiques across the U.S. were eager to add Danielle Nicole Handbags to their inventory. Danielle Nicole handbags are handbags every woman can appreciate. These timeless designs boast classic silhouettes, modern detailing, quality materials and reasonable prices.

Señora Cartera had an opportunity to ask Danielle Nicole DiFerdinando a few questions, and she was gracious enough to offer our readers honest, thoughtful answers:

SC: Danielle, you’ve been involved in the fashion industry for several years now. What inspired you to focus your creative talents on handbag design?

DN: I actually started by designing neck ties. I’ve always been focused on accessories. I threw my attention and inspiration to handbags because it really is my favorite part of any outfit. It has the ability to transform an ensemble, and the importance of a good quality, high functioning handbag can’t be beat. It’s amazing how we don’t realize how much we really depend on our purses to do exactly what we need. The outside pockets, the weight of the leather, the length of the strap, interior pockets and closures really can make or break

SC: Your collections feature classic silhouettes with modern detailing. Is ‘classics with a twist’ your design philosophy?

DN: Classic with a twist and function are the focus of the line. I wanted to create a collection that featured silhouettes that women will wear for years, and I wanted these timeless styles to function to their fullest potential so that when a customer is reaching for her “go to bag,” it’s a Danielle Nicole.

SC: Your designs are available at some of the finest department stores and exclusive boutiques in the world. Considering today’s inflated designer handbag market, was keeping your bags reasonably-priced and accessible to women of varying budgets a conscious decision on your part?

DN: Yes, keeping the Danielle Nicole line reasonably-priced and accessible to women of varying budgets is always in the back of my mind when designing. The prices on well made, high quality handbags have gotten a little out of hand. There was a spot in the market place for high quality handbags at a reasonable price that the collection has filled.

SC: Do you have any plans of expanding your focus to include other accessories or are handbags it for Danielle Nicole?

DN: Right now, we want to keep the focus on handbags, but yes. One day I would like to expand into other accessories such as wallets and shoes, and eventually branch out into clothing.

SC: Fashion is a tough business to break into. Would you encourage other young women to pursue a career in fashion?

DN: I would encourage anyone to pursue a career in fashion if it’s what they really love. My favorite part of my job is the emotional reward that comes from my hard work. The sense of accomplishment that comes with success is unbeatable, and I only wish that everyone will experience that at least once in their lives.

This is just a sampling of Danielle Nicole's timeless designs. You can browse the entire collection at the designer's website. The site also lists store locations where Danielle Nicole handbags are available on a state-by-state basis. My local Nordstrom and Saks carry the designs so a trip to the stores is in my immediate future. You can also purchase the Kristi Hobo in electric blue for $575 via Neiman Marcus in case you can't make it to the stores.

A special thanks to Danielle Nicole DiFerdinando for honoring us with this interview. It's refreshing to meet a designer that is as beautiful and accessible as her designs. We offer her many well wishes for continued success.


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