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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Valentino Volants Mini Ruffled Bag

Que cosa mas fea! For my English-speaking readers this means "what an ugly thing". I really hate ragging on a Valentino bag. I feel physically ill when I do so, but it must be done. I find the Volants Mini Ruffled Bag to be too cutesy. Know what I mean? It's cutesy in a way that'll actually nauseate someone. The bag is over-indulgent, and I wouldn't even give it to my 9 yr old cousin because I know she has better taste than this. It measures 7 x 10 x 3.5 and features a rosa (pink) leather exterior, ruffle detailing with black topstitching, a zippered top and single top handle. What really kills me about this bag is that the leather is so smooschy and touchable I'd kill to have it if it weren't for that small detail I simply cannot overlook - the fact that it's so ugly. As my Cuban grandmother would say, "Esto es un arroz con mango". Translation - "This is a pile of mangos and rice". I know much is lost in the translation, but what she'd mean to say is this is one hot mess.

Valentino Volants Mini Ruffled Bag available for $1495 via Bergdorf Goodman


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