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Friday, May 29, 2009

Alexander Wang Dorothy Shopper

There aren't many designer bags out there that can double as an infant carrier, but the Alexander Wang Dorothy Shopper is definitely one of them. Just look at the bag on the model. Holy cow! I could stow my 11-month old son inside the 'Dorothy' while I'm out shopping and use it like a baby sling of sorts.

OK, all kidding aside, the 'Dorothy', which measures 18 x 20 x 6 with a 7.5" handle drop, is a very simple design that still manages to look quite boho-chic if you can get past its enormous proportions. It's made from grey suede with cut-out top handles and fold-in sides. As a shopper, it's great. Use it to store a smaller shoulder bag and other items and make it a carry-all if that better suits your needs or place a small person inside it while you shop and re-define the term "shopping bag" (I'm kidding about sticking someone inside this thing, of course).

Alexander Wang Dorothy Shopper - $795 via La Garçonne


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