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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Celebrity Style: Gerard Darel Barcelona Flower Tote

Emmy Rossum and Katherine McPhee photos via Celebutopia

There's no surprise a love affair exists between celebrities and Gerard Darel handbags. From Angelina Jolie to Isla Fisher to Eva Longoria-Parker, celebs are flocking to the French designer for their arm candy fix. Darel's designs are so simple and chic they transcend the trends remaining a prime choice among fashionistas. The latest Gerard Darel style making the rounds in Hollywood is the Barcelona Flower Tote. Both actress Emmy Rossum and American Idol finalist Katherine McPhee favor the brown patent leather Barcelona Flower Tote. This roomy 13 x 19 x 9 tote makes a great all-day bag. It features an outside dual zippered pocket as well as side zippers to expand the tote. The design is accented with Darel's signature matte, nail-head brass hardware throughout.

I can definitely see why so many Hollywood stars are turning to Gerard Darel and am only left wondering why the French design genius doesn't open a boutique in the U.S.? We deserve to get our grubby hands on these chic bags too, right? Well, until that comes true (don't hold your breath), we can search on-line in the hopes of getting lucky. The Barcelona Flower Tote is available in black patent leather for $795 via ShopRumor. They have the bag labeled as a 'Sorrento' tote, but the 'Sorrento' line doesn't have a tote. I believe the site made a mistake when they typed up their description. Regardless, if you decide to order the bag, be certain to speak to someone in customer service to make absolutely sure that it is, in fact, a tote and not the Barcelona Hobo.


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