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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chloé Astoria Dome Bag

I've been sitting on this bag for a couple of days not knowing exactly what I thought about it. When I'm on the fence about a bag, I do what I always do to solve my uncertainty - I style it. I imagine how the bag would fit in with my wardrobe and that usually takes care of the problem. I happen to like the Chloé Astoria Dome Bag. The silhouette is sophisticated and timeless and the pollen yellow buffalo leather sublimely contrasted by pale pink (or just plain old nude - it's hard to tell) top handles accented with decorative cabochon gemstones is stunning to behold. The 'Astoria' measures 12 x 13 x 8 which is fairly roomy making it an adequate enough satchel. So why my vacillation? Well, it's a bit difficult to pinpoint except to say that I must be able to envision how a bag will "work" with my clothes. The 'Astoria' seemed too refined for my very uncouture-like wardrobe, but once I put it through my litmus test it came through with flying colors. While I won't be adding the Chloé Astoria Dome Bag to my closet anytime soon, I know it would feel right at home there if I ever changed my mind.

Chloé Astoria Dome Bag available for $1450 via Neiman Marcus


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