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Monday, May 4, 2009

Fall/Winter 2009/10 Handbag Preview

I'm both excited about and disappointed with some of the fall/winter 2009/10 handbags we can expect to see popping up for pre-order on the web during the next few months. While beautiful and creative designs are alive and well, some designers insist on demonstrating their artistic talents with some unusual handbags and even more perplexing design choices.

Let's begin with the good news. Chic, sophisticated bags are on the horizon. Just look at a few of the more promising designs we can expect to see soon. From a classic crocodile handbag with resin frame and tortoise closure from Lanvin to the sublimely elegant calfskin D Bag from Tod's. There's a bold red textured leather satchel with gold-tone buckle accents from Jimmy Choo, and, my personal favorite, a stunning pleated white leather tote with contrasting black leather piping from Marni. The Marni tote is one of the most gorgeous bags I've seen in a long time and rivals any YSL design of late in terms of style and sophistication. This will definitely be on my list of "must-have" bags for the fall.

Moving on to the bad news. We can look forward to seeing more ridiculous and, most assuredly, overpriced bags this fall. Where to begin, ladies? Perhaps the best place to start is with these bags I selected as examples of the inexplicable design choices we'll be seeing in the fall. Once again Marc Jacobs defies all logic with a hodge-podge handbag that combines leather, satin, and velvet with rounded stud detailing to achieve maximum offense. Jimmy Choo, the very same label responsible for the stunning Blythe satchel, delivers the puzzling Odette tote clad in zebra-print pony hair with snakeskin-embossed leather trim. My handbag obsession, Balenciaga, introduces a Motorcycle-style bag done in a technicolor patchwork of crocodile, ostrich and leather. They're calling this re-styled disaster the Sunday Bag, but I wouldn't be caught dead with it on any day of the week.

I've saved the best - excuse me - the worst for last. Mr. Jacobs was not satisfied with defiling his namesake label and decided to relay the insanity to Louis Vuitton. One look at the Paillettes Bag and you're left wondering if Marc's artistic tendencies are a bit confused. Is the bag supposed to be a Chanel with the chain/leather straps, or perhaps an Alexander McQueen design with the studded leather look, or some hideous Juicy Couture concoction with the distorted monogram-patterned exterior. Who knows and, frankly, who cares. It's ugly and not worth one single, solitary penny. So, ladies, fall will be replete with the good, the bag and the truly ugly. Grab a good one and just get a chuckle from the rest.

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