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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Foley + Corinna Drawstring Tote

I know I've expressed my dislike for drawstring bags in the past. There have been exceptions, but they've been few and very far between. These exceptions usually have the dreaded drawstring ties I detest so much on the side, not the front. This is the only way I'd even consider buying a drawstring bag. I have the gorgeous IGNES Sofia Bag in black with the drawstrings on the side, and they've never bothered me one bit.

I stumbled upon the Foley + Corinna Drawstring Tote and noticed it also has drawstring ties on the side. This small design choice makes the bag for me. First of all, side ties are more visually appealing and easier to access when carrying a bag over the shoulder. The fact that this particular design has nothing else going on style-wise except for the drawstrings only serves to enhance the bag's no-frills boho look. The extra-wide leather shoulder strap and leather shoulder pad make this one comfy bag. The tote comes in chestnut brown and beige (pictured) and measures a generous 18 x 11 x 5. Now I can add another drawstring bag to my very short list of stylish drawstring bags.

Foley + Corinna Drawstring Tote available for $445 via Luna Boston


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