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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gryson Lola Tote

Looking for a simple tote that is both stylish and practical at the same time? I can suggest one option that will set you back considerably less than what its' designer counterparts are going for these days. I'm referring to the Gryson Lola Tote. This timeless design, with its' neutral camel-colored exterior and silver studded detailing, will suit women of all ages and tastes. Features include dual adjustable shoulder straps with a comfortable 9" drop, an open top with hook/snap closure, and suede-lined interior with leather-trimmed zip and patch pockets. The tote's ample size makes it a practical choice for urban gals as well as busy suburbanites. The price is right too - $725. That's fabulous for such amazing leather and thoughtful design choices combined.

Measurements: 14 x 15.5 x 6.5

Gryson Lola Tote available via


3 Responses to "Gryson Lola Tote"
  1. Anonymous said...
    Tuesday, August 04, 2009

    Hi Dania-

    I know it has been a while since you posted on this bag, but funny thing is that it caught my eye when you wrote about it, but only when just recently I caught a glance of it in person and then on the Saks website it all came together. It was up on a high shelf in the store and I wish I had asked to hold it and look it over when I saw it. It really is pretty from afar, but I wonder how heavy it is with the suede lining?

    I am sure you are getting lots of interest in the job as a Contributor to the site. What a great opportunity for someone to work for such a great blog!

    Take care!


    P.S. Again, thanks for all your help and information on the Bulgari handbags. I have yet to make a purchase of my Fall handbag, but another strong contender is the Tod's new D-bag you also featured. I am so "all over the place" when it comes to bags because I love so many of them. Oh, so many bags, so little time...


  2. Dania Padron said...
    Tuesday, August 04, 2009

    Still having a hard time deciding on a bag for fall? I don't blame you. There are just so many great options available, it can leave your head swimming. As for the Tod's new D-bag. Simply fabulous. The grey version is heaven on earth. I'd die a happy bag collector if that were the last bag I were to ever buy.

    I'm still looking for contributors, BTW. The positions are open to anyone who want to write about bags. It's an ideal opportunity for a college student looking for an internship, but I'd certainly welcome anyone with strong opinions and a willingness to speak their mind about bags.

    As always, you're welcome. My favorite part of having this site is being able to help people on an individual basis. No challenge is too small for me.

  3. Anonymous said...
    Tuesday, August 18, 2009

    I have this bag in black and I can say that it is not heavy at all despite the suede lining. Though it is very large so it might be tempting to overload it with stuff and then it becomes heavy. I prefer this version of the Lola bag much more than the newer one which has pockets on the outside, but I guess it might be more functional.

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