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Monday, May 11, 2009

Jimmy Choo Zulu Tie Dye Clutch

This is Señora Cartera's 1,000th post!

Well, after two years, countless hours of research and writing, and lots of chocolate bars, Señora Cartera: A Handbag Blog marks its' 1,000th post. I hope you've enjoyed the features over the past two years. My goal was to have readers think of me as a friend, a knowledgeable one, who'd be that go-to person when deciding on their next designer handbag purchase. While I've tried to maintain an overall friendly tone on the blog, there are bags that warrant a bit of a thrashing from yours truly. So my 1,000th post will be just that - a dressing down of a rather ugly bag.

Jimmy Choo's Zulu Clutch has undergone many incarnations, but this tie-dye version is deplorable. At first glance, the putty rendition is begging for a good once-over with a wipie. The red bag is equally awful. My goodness, it looks as if someone bled all over it. See how easily a perfectly nice bag is ruined. I can't imagine who this bag could possibly appeal to. Some people come to mind, but I'd like to keep this post clean so I'll refrain from slinging any mud. There's really no need to resort to that when the bags in question give the appearance of having said mud placed on them for decorative effect. The 12 x 5 x 3 clutch features a zippered top and surprisingly roomy interior due in part to the soft patent leather exterior. Thank goodness they kept the hardware to a minimum. The tie-dye effect is enough of an eyesore.

If the silhouette and reasonable price tag of the Zulu Clutch appeals to you, be sure to check out the gorgeous metallic leather version on Jimmy Choo's website. It's part of the label's pre-fall collection and will be available soon for about $175 less than the heinous tie-dye buddies.

Jimmy Choo Zulu Tie Dye Clutch currently available in red only for $625 via Neiman Marcus


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