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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MARC by Marc Jacobs Classic M Gathered Hobo

The stylish simplicity of a slouchy hobo can be a woman's best friend. When I happen to be in a sour mood (which is almost never ;-), I like to put on a relaxed, 'broken-in' hobo like a warm sweater to help bring me out of my funk. This MARC by Marc Jacobs Classic M Gathered Hobo possesses the qualities I look for in a comfortable go-to bag. The creamy beige leather must feel like butter (it certainly looks like it). It has silver-tone hardware which is a much better choice than the standard gold hardware you'd be likely to see on a color like this. Even the logo is chic and minimal, thank goodness. It measures 23 x 13.5 x 4 which makes it an ideal roomy day bag or even an overnight bag. I wouldn't put a laptop in it, but a magazine, bottled water or even my son's extra change of clothes would definitely find their way inside. The hobo has a flat leather shoulder strap with enough of a drop to wear over the shoulder. However, if you'd like it to sit a bit over the hip, a longer detachable strap is also included. I'd really love to add this yummy bag to my collection, but I've already bought three MARC bags since Christmas (not to mention other bags that have made their way into my closet!). I'm afraid this one will have to wait. I hope the 'Classic M Hobo' will still be available in a few months in this lovely chamois hue because it's already sold out on a few sites. You can still nab one now for $438 via Neiman Marcus.


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