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Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Splurge: Anna Vince Deco Metallic Clutch

Memorial Day weekend is a busy time in my hometown of Miami. When I was in my twenties, this weekend meant shopping, movies, the beach, and, well, more shopping. I usually made my "big" (i.e. expensive) handbag purchases during this weekend hoping to cash in on a sale. As time wore on, shopping took a back seat to spending time with family and friends. Most of my shopping takes place on a virtual level now. My trips to the beach have become more infrequent as the tourists have taken over my once tranquil, sacred spots (no offense to tourists that provide a much-needed injection of cash into our local economy). So what's a gal like me to do this fine weekend? Barbecue? Nope. It's forecast to rain all weekend long. The movies? With two toddlers, no way. Shopping? Once again, rain plus two toddlers will make a trip to the stores a fate worse than death. My only alternative is to scour the web in search of new and exciting designer handbag because that's what I do!

I got a jump on my Memorial Day weekend on-line shopping by nabbing a pair of snazzy shoes for my youngest son as well as an eco-friendly backpack for my older boy's first time at school. To be honest, I mostly shop for my kids as even my hubby will gladly attest to. If I were, however, to splurge on a bag this weekend, I'd pick the gorgeous Anna Vince Deco Metallic Clutch. This oversized 14 x 10 bag makes a statement that is guaranteed to make you seen and heard everywhere you take it. The framed top, pleated metallic gold exterior, and origami-like folded leather accents combine to create this eye-catching, deco-inspired clutch. We here in Miami are all about Art Deco style mostly because it's been shoved down our throats for years. This ultra chic clutch would make any woman heading for a night out in South Beach look like a million bucks. Unfortunately for me, I'd have to use this beauty somewhere else because the traffic and parking at SoBe are horrendous and not worth the aggravation. I'll let the tourists keep SoBe and my once lovely, quiet beaches as long as I can have my fabulous Deco Metallic Clutch.

Anna Vince Deco Metallic Clutch available for $491 via Browns Fashion


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