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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Preen Roxy Bag

The Preen Roxy Bag is the "Transformer" of the handbag world. I watched the original Transformers cartoons every Saturday morning and was absolutely hooked on them. I think I liked the convertible robots because they were very practical beings. They could be cars, trucks, planes and robots all at the same time. If only all handbags could be that well-designed, right? Well there's at least one bag available that pushes the boundaries of fashion-forward design by transforming itself into several bags.

The 'Roxy' starts out as a tote of sorts. At this stage it looks a tad busy for my taste, but still very 'urban chic'. Then begins the transformation. The smaller front section detaches to become either a shoulder bag or clutch depending on whether you decide to use the wide, detachable shoulder strap. The clutch measures 11 x 8.5 with an 11.5" strap drop so the designers didn't make it a throw-away bag at all. The smaller bag's front flap expands to reveal a woven facade so it's even more versatile than it seems at first glance. If you decide to remove the shoulder strap an use it strictly as a clutch, there's a thick leather key strap attached to help carry it around as well. Whew! I'm dizzy from the endless design and functional possibilities attributed to this bag, and I haven't even gotten to the second, larger bag.

The large bag, once divested of it's smaller companion, becomes a stylish and equally versatile hobo. The front sports a woven leather design much like the clutch does, and the rear is crafted from all smooth leather. The single shoulder strap features two linked gold-tone metal ring accents as well as an adjustable buckle. A zippered top and lined interior with a smaller zipped pocket round out the rest of the bag's features. This larger bag measures 16 x 10 with a 13" strap drop. There are still a few little design elements or decorative accents I've left out. The clutch's detachable strap is completely top-stitched providing a nice touch that adds interest, and its' plain front has two small zippered pockets for additional storage.

The designers have outdone themselves with this wickedly clever black bag, I mean, bags. How they managed to keep it priced under $1000 is a mystery to me. The Preen Roxy Bag is only $595! I know, I'm still shocked at the price, but let's not question the reasoning behind this pricing decision and simply enjoy all the bags we get for the money.

Preen Roxy Bag in black leather available via Standard Deviation
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