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Thursday, May 28, 2009

YSL Lover Bag

I hate ragging on a YSL bag mainly because YSL is my favorite designer handbag label, but the Lover Bag from their fall collection is a step in the wrong direction. The first thing I'd get rid of is the tiny (perhaps minuscule is a better term) padlock on the front of the bag. Totally useless, even as a decorative accent. Next, I'd remove the long buckle straps extending from the top handle rings down past the dual front pockets. I don't mind the pockets as they're great for additional storage, but the long buckle straps have to go. I might be persuaded to leave a small buckle-detailed closure for each pocket as a compromise, but the long straps are distracting and misplaced. The design features YSL's use of its signature large "Y" created by stitching as well as the placement of the front pockets in this case. The straps completely detract from this design element, and, in addition, give the Lover Bag a utilitarian look unworthy of its name. When I think of "lover" I think of softness, not in-your-face buckle straps. I guess I'm in a nit-picking mood. I even discussed my disappointment in the Lover Bag with my hubby over the weekend, and he concurred with my complaints. It's not an ugly bag, per say, it's just not what I've come to expect from YSL, hence my bad mood. You can purchase the black version now or pre-order the natural one if you don't mind the toy padlock and big ole buckle straps .

YSL Lover Bag - $1295 via


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