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Monday, June 15, 2009

Botkier Rio Satchel

If the Jimmy Choo Blythe Satchel is too much of a budget-buster, I have a moderately-priced alternative that's sure to capture your attention. Take a good, long look at the Botkier Rio Satchel. It's absolutely fabulous, and I must have it. You should have one too. Not only is the overall style of the 'Rio' an homage to "rocker chic", it's super functional to boot. Measuring 15 x 8.5 x 7, this yummy black leather satchel features no less than six exterior and three interior pockets. Wrap-around zippered gussets give the 'Rio' its edgy look while the subtle use of pleated detailing softens the urban feel of the bag. I am beyond in love with the Botkier Rio Satchel. I'm suffering from a full-blown case of handbag obsession that won't be cured until this chic satchel is safe within my loving and appreciate embrace. Ok, OK, I'll stop gushing because I'm nauseating even myself. Just get the 'Rio' because it's a chic, well-priced bag you'll be able to use year-round.

Botkier Rio Satchel available for $495 via


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