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Friday, June 5, 2009

Botkier Venice Hobo

There is something undeniably cool about a "biker" chic bag, particularly if it's a hobo. The edgy look of a rocked out bag translates best on the relaxed and unpretentious hobo silhouette. When I was at Sturgis, SD years ago for their annual Bike Week, every biker chick there had the requisite saddle bag draped over her ride. Once in awhile, I noticed the ladies forgo their leather vests and ripped jeans in favor of a more subtle look, but their biker style could not be completely snuffed out. These adventurous women carried the most wicked hobo bags you could imagine. I loved the overall look to no end, yet I quickly realized it's not for everyone unless done correctly. The Botkier Venice Hobo is the best execution of "biker" chic I've seen since the Balenciaga City bag.

Whether you prefer the softness of the caramel brown version or the brashness of the black rendition, the 'Venice' delivers style and function with ease. The Botkier team really outdid themselves with this design. The large 16 x 13 x 2.5 size is accented with several tassel-pull front zipped pockets and features a single shoulder strap with faux zipper detailing (love it) and gently gathered sides held in place by a belted trim. The gathered sides give the biker design a more feminine, tapered silhouette which makes the Venice Hobo that much more marketable. If Monica Botkier took her 'Venice' collection to Bike Week, every Harley-riding chick would snatch one up without hesitation. Now there's a thought!

Botkier Venice Hobo available for $595 via


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