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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Celebrity Style: Ashley Tisdale and the Chloé Python Paraty Tote

Ashley Tisdale photo via Celebutopia

Beautiful young actress + enviable designer handbag = Ridiculously-priced "must have" bag

We've seen this equation time and time again, and it never gets old. On the contrary, it seems we can't get enough of celebrities and their expensive designer bags. Who can blame us, really. Designer handbags have an intoxicating quality most fashionistas simply cannot resist. When the design in question happens to be an exotic handbag, the appeal is inescapable. For Ashley Tisdale (and way too many other celebrities to mention here), the Chloé Paraty is a "must-have" bag. The black python version of the popular design, pictured above, was sold out on-line almost as quickly as it first appeared. The $3820 design, clad entirely in python, is simply stunning and the best update of the Paraty tote to date. As I mentioned, the Chloé Python Paraty is sold out, but I managed to find a brand new one on eBay from a trusted seller. The auction ends today at 11:00PM EDT, and the price is about $300 under retail (not bad). That's still a huge chunk of change, but if you missed it the first time around and are absolutely in love with it as I am, this is your chance to jump on the celebrity designer handbag bandwagon.


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