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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Celebrity Style: Honoring Michael Jackson's Fashion Legacy

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I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sadness over the untimely passing of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Michael gave us such amazing music that it's difficult to put into words the extent of his influence over generations of music lovers all over the world. My earliest memories of MJ were of the Jackson 5 singing and dancing together. As a teen, I'd make the trip to my best friend's home to watch his video premieres on MTV (I had no cable back then), and, of course, I bought all his records. Like many people I know, Michael Jackson provided the soundtrack for our lives and I thank him for that. May he now enjoy the peace he was never allowed to have here on Earth.

Remembering Michael's influence on music got me thinking about his appreciation for fashion. There's no need to enumerate the fashion trends started by MJ, particularly in the 80s. We all know them, and I'm sure many of us would prefer to forget them. Michael himself remained somewhat of a fashion maven, even if his style choices appeared eccentric to most of us. In recent years, Michael was fond of wearing women's RTW pieces from labels like Balmain and Givenchy. I think fashion was a sort of armor for Michael. He hid behind his clothes and accessories to mask the loneliness that enveloped him.

If there is one MJ trend that has stood the test of time it's sequins. I got rid of my bedazzler years ago, but I still gravitate toward a refined yet blinged-out pair of sequin shoes or sparkly clutch. Here are a couple of ways you can honor Michael's fashion legacy. Judith Leiber's Wavy Curve Minaudiere made entirely of crystals in a black to white ombré pattern can be pre-ordered for $2795 via Neiman Marcus. If the Leiber bag is way out of your budget, perhaps these gorgeous Valentino Sequin Peep-Toe Pumps (pre-order for $795 via Saks) are more within your reach.


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