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Friday, June 5, 2009

Celebrity Style: Jessica Simpson and the Alexander McQueen Flapper Satchel

Jessica Simpson photo via Celebutopia

I'm puzzled by a few things when I look at this photo of Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo arriving at the Staples Center for Game 1 of the NBA Finals. First things first - who carries such a large and expensive designer bag to a basketball game? Only a celebrity I suppose. Second, let's point out the fact that Jess is wearing heels to a basketball game. Again, who does this? Same answer as before. Lastly, is Jessica Simpson a dwarf or is her Alexander McQueen Flapper Satchel ginormous? A little bit of both. OK, Jessica is not a dwarf, but she is on the petite side. However, her $2550 designer handbag is huge and probably weighs more than she does. In fact, this dark tan leather version of Alexander McQueen's Flapper satchel measures 19 x 14 x 5. Whoa! That's a whole lot of bag for a woman of Jessica's stature, but, then again, the singer loves big bags. She's a true Texas gal.

The satchel features dual top handles with a 9" drop which allows it to easily fit over the shoulder. The 'Flapper's' overall look evokes a woodsy sort of vibe with its leather leaf decorative accents yet manages to stay true to McQueen's rocker edge with the use of stud detailing. The front has two small zippered pockets and a fold-over tab with twist-lock closure. In addition, the zippered top reveals a wood-patterned lining as well as zip and slit pockets to keep small items from getting lost in the abyss-like interior. While this particular version of the 'Flapper' is not my cup of tea, I think it's definitely Jessica's style. My only advice to her would be the following: leave the bag and heels at home when attending a sporting event, but definitely bring along the cute cap and the even cuter boyfriend.

Alexander McQueen Flapper Satchel available via Zappos Couture


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