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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Donna Karan Gotham Satchel

Ever wonder how designers come up with their handbag names? I know I do. The Donna Karan Gotham Satchel is the sort of bag that would normally drive me crazy in this respect. Why in the world was it named after the fictional city from the Batman comics? I asked my husband what his take on the bag was, and I got a rather interesting response. My sweet husband thinks the name is an obvious choice for a bag that, when expanded, resembles a bat. Rrriiiggghhhttt. I mean, that's what I get for asking his opinion about a bag, but, interestingly enough, I think he was onto something. Well, sort of onto something in a roundabout, nonsensical way. The dark, distressed leather and wrap-around zipper detailing give the 'Gotham' an urban look unlike any bag I've seen of late. It has a framed top, open side pockets, comfortable top handles and detachable shoulder strap. I'm particularly fond of the espresso brown leather/silver hardware combination used on the bag as well. It's an interesting design and an improvement from what we've seen over the past year from Donna Karan in terms of handbags. I'm hopeful the Gotham Satchel is a sign of things to come - good things. I suddenly feel the urge to watch "The Dark Knight" now. Figures!

Pre-order the Donna Karan Gotham Satchel for $1495 via Neiman Marcus


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