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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Foley + Corinna 80's Perforated Crossbody Shoulder Bag

I'm sure we can all agree we probably made some questionable fashion choices when we were teenagers. Unfortunately, many are unable to outgrow their awkward or rebellious stages and become victims of fashion stuck in a time warp. The goods news for these poor souls is that the fashion industry recycles looks every couple of decades or so. Here we are in 2009 and the runways and stores are being saturated by "the 80's". Unlike many of you out there, I happened to love the 80's - the music, the colorful clothes, the hair (OK, maybe not so much the hair, but you get what I mean). The 80's were about excess and fun. Everything was bigger, brighter and better, but, like all good things, the 80's had to come to an end.

Now we're seeing the return of my favorite decade minus the excess. That's actually a very good thing. Designers are focusing on deconstructing those excessive looks and re-assembling them in a neater, more edited package. You can get neon, just use it on a smaller scale like on a scarf or piping trim on a bag. Reclaim your love for rubber bracelets, just don't pile on 200 of them going up and down your arm. It's all about embracing what was good about the 80's without going overboard. Which brings me to my favorite subject - handbags. The Foley + Corinna Perforated Crossbody Shoulder Bag takes design elements from the 80's and creates a chic, urban design fit for this generation.

This fun bag, which measures 14 x 13 x 4, is crafted from black grained leather, features a long, wrap-around perforated shoulder strap, tasseled zipper pulls and fold-over top with magnetic closure. Except for the zippers (one outside, one inside) and a metal logo plate on the side, there is no hardware on this bag. See what I meant about editing the excess. It's little design choices like this that can make or break a bag. With the 80's Perforated Crossbody Shoulder Bag, Foley + Corinna captures the spirit of the 80's without become victims of it. Job well done!

Foley + Corinna 80's Perforated Crossbody Shoulder Bag available for $575 via


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