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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Henry Beguelin Peonia Shopper

I'm receiving more and more requests to feature "logo-less" bags or bags that are not immediately identifiable. Your wishes are my commands, ladies. Here is one bag that'll keep you looking stylish while it keeps your friends guessing. The woven design of the Henry Beguelin Peonia Shopper is reminiscent of several other designer labels, but not obvious enough to lead to a certain conclusion. I love the purple leather exterior (perfect for fall), and the brown leather top handles give the 'Peonia' a more casual look that works well with the "shopper" theme. This is a definite contender for that chic, stylish day bag we all long to have, and, for many of you, it's an even better option because it's not covered in logos. There is a removable decorative pendant you can dispense with and give it to your daughter or other "tween" you know. I'm sure they'd love to hang it from a backpack or something like that.

Henry Beguelin Peonia Shopper available for $1020 via


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