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Friday, June 26, 2009

Marc Jacobs St. Marks Stam

The Marc Jacobs Stam, once the bane of my existence, is finally and forever redeemed in my eyes. Jacobs has seen the light and decided to elevate his iconic satchel to the heights of fashion forward design. I previewed MJ's fall '09 handbag collection a few weeks ago, and couldn't wait to see the Stam make the comeback it richly deserves.

Those of you that know me are all to familiar with the reason why Señora Cartera was ever created. I owe it all the the 'Stam' and my utter disdain for it at the time it came on the scene. I couldn't understand what all the hype was about even though the Stam possessed all the design elements I admire the most on a handbag. What can I say, Marc Jacobs managed to create one heck of a granny bag! Yet he's finally understood what makes the Stam so great and embraced its potential with a renewed sense of modern relevancy.

From unique leather detailing to studs to decorative jewels, the Stam has been overhauled for the fall so prepare yourselves, ladies. The first re-incarnation I'm featuring is the St. Marks Stam. The patent leather cut-out pattern used throughout the entire exterior is stunning in and of itself. I'd have been more than satisfied with that alone, but Marc and his design team decided to pull out all the stops with the addition of strategically placed faceted jewels giving the 'St. Marks' Stam a touch of Hollywood glam. The deal maker of this particular version of the Stam has to be the use of a tonal chain link shoulder strap as opposed to the accursed clunky gold one we're so used to seeing. If they'd decided to use the traditional strap, the bag would've simply fallen flat. What a difference a strap can make. What Marc has created is nothing short of perfection. I sit here in awe of his obvious, if sometimes misguided, talent.

The Marc Jacobs St. Marks Stam is back ordered (what a surprise), so don't expect to see it come in the mail anytime before September or possibly October. You can still pre-order it in black for $2395 via Neiman Marcus.


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