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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Prada Pitone Tote

Is there really much to say about the atrocious Prada Pitone Tote? Not much except to point out the obvious - it's absolutely hideous. I'm shocked my eyes aren't bleeding as I look at it. It's a patchwork of military-hued python with crocodile trim and a complete waste of perfectly scrumptious exotic skins. I cringe at its appearance and its egregious price tag - $5500! Let's not discuss the absurdity of that price, even if the bag is made entirely from exotics. The fact is the design itself negates the bag's merits and, therefore, its inflated price. Now excuse me as I go lie down and attempt to purge this bag from my thoughts.

Purchase the Prada Pitone Patchwork Tote via Neiman Marcus


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