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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Valentino Vertigo Satchel

Much like the Maison Tote, the Valentino Vertical Satchel relies heavily on pintuck pleating to achieve its desired look. I've always been a fan of the 'Maison', but the decorative stud accents used throughout the bag were a bit distracting and, frankly, unnecessary. The Vertigo Satchel, which dispenses with the studs altogether, focuses solely on using diagonal and vertical pintuck pleating resulting in a design that could very well induce "vertigo". It's not my intention to rag on the 'Vertigo', though. I happen to like it much more than I'm letting on, even with the pleating overload. It has many of the design elements I favor on a satchel shape- rich leather, a framed top and dual zippered closure. It measures 13.5 x 11 x 6.5 which is pretty adequate, but, believe it or not, I wish it were just a few inches larger all the way around. Then again, if it were larger it would probably be a tote. OK, let's forget about the size issue and move on to what's good and not so good about this design. My favorite aspect of this particular version of the Vertigo Satchel is the color - vavava voom RED! What better way to spice up a boring outfit than with a red bag? The only complaint I have about the 'Vertigo' is the $2000 price tag. I know we're talking Valentino, but that's a hefty price for leather. Other than that, the Vertical Satchel is a solid addition to the Valentino handbag family and get's our seal of approval (not that anyone at Valentino cares ;-).

Pre-order the Valentino Vertigo Satchel for $1995 via Neiman Marcus


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