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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Alexander Wang Jess Shopper

Another day, another Alexander Wang bag. Fortunately, this bag is a thousand times better than the wretched Denim Leather Coco Duffel I featured yesterday. What I love best about the Jess Shopper is the slashed leather detailing over the entire exterior of the bag, including the handles. Don't worry about this being too weird a bag. Oh no, ladies, this bag is so chic it doesn't need a bit of hardware to give it style. The 'Jess' is fully lined so knick-knacks won't slip through the cracks, I mean, slits. I'm puzzled as to why this bag is labeled "small", though, because the thing is huge (measures 20 x 15 with a 9" drop). Does this mean there's a larger version that would require this labeling distinction. If so, it wouldn't be a shopper but more of a U-Haul. Forget about the size, at least Wang decided to do this bag in plain old leather instead of the denim-looking stuff I'm so sick of. I hope I haven't spoken too soon. Maybe I'll scour the web tomorrow and find the exact bag I'm dreading. Keeping my fingers crossed that I don't.

Alexander Wang Jess Shopper available in black for $895 via


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