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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bally Kenna Suede Hobo

Have you noticed how, slowly but surely, Bally handbags have become stylish and relevant? This forgotten label has been on my radar ever since they made the decision to hire Brian Atwood as their creative director. Not only is Brian as brilliant a shoe designer as Louboutin or Blahnick, he's also gorgeous (OK, that's not as important as his artistic sensibilities, but a girl can dream, right?). What can you expect from a man who had the great Gianni Versace as his mentor. Of course, "opulent" and "over-the-top" where qualities required of Versace shoes and bags when Atwood was in charge of the label's accessories division. It seems once Atwood launched his own line, he honed his skills and refined his designs to make them true works of art. The Chicago native has done the same for Bally, infusing this practically defunct label with the modern sophistication it so desperately needed.

Which brings me to Atwood's Fall 2009 collection which is nothing short of spectacular. Sumptuous leathers, lux exotics and trendy suedes comprise this ambitious handbag endeavor. Make no mistakes, ladies and gents, Brian means business with the level of craftsmanship employed in these hip and stylish designs. One of my absolute favorites is the Kenna Suede Hobo. Suede is wonderful to the touch, but not exactly designer friendly. To achieve the pleated look the 'Kenna' has is difficult with suede. The material must be treated to make it soft and flexible. No small task, indeed. Accents to this taupe-colored hobo are provided by way of strategically used gold-tone metal hardware and suede sashes that hang demurely along the sides. The wide suede strap has a roomy 9" drop, and the interior boasts several pockets for additional storage.

It's plain to see that Atwood intends to take Bally straight to the top of the fashion world, and with modern, casual designs like the Kenna Suede Hobo, I'm sure he'll have no trouble doing so.

P.S. - The gold python version of this hobo called the 'Kiki' (pictured) is stunning and will retail for just under $3700. If only I looked as fabulous as the timeless Christy Turlington who was chosen as Bally's Fall/Winter 2009 ad campaign model...

Bally Kenna Suede Hobo available for $795 via Intermix


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