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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Celebrity Style: "Gossip Girl" Handbag Name Game Giveaway

Photos: Celebutopia



Either no one knew the correct answer, no one cares about Gossip Girl, or no one wanted a cute canvas bag. Since no one left a comment, the prize remains unclaimed. The correct answer was: Blake Lively carrying Bottega Veneta; Leighton Meester with Valentino: Michelle Trachtenberg with Jimmy Choo. I'll try to make the next handbag name game less of a brain buster.

Think you know everything there is to know about handbags? Can you spot a designer label a mile away? Test your Gossip Girl bag I.Q.. The correct answer is somewhere among the choices I've listed below (I'm really helping you guys out here). To really spice things up, leave your answer in the "comments" section. You have until noon tomorrow, July 31st to post your answer. No 'anonymous' comments will be considered. A winner, who will be selected at random from all the correct answers, will receive this cheeky Jessica Kagan Cushman "Charge It Please" Canvas Tote.

I'm disabling instant comments on this post so we can make it as fair as possible for all that wish to participate. No need to copy an answer from others that posted first. At the end of the deadline, I'll post the correct answer and announce the winner. That's it. Enjoy deciphering the origins of these designer bags.


What labels are the "Gossip Girl" stars carrying?

  • Mulberry, Balenciaga, Givenchy

  • Burberry, YSL, Alexander McQueen

  • Ferragamo, Marni, Gucci

  • Bottega Veneta, Valentino, Jimmy Choo

  • Tod's, Lanvin, Versace
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