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Friday, July 31, 2009

Celebrity Style: Angelina Jolie and the Valextra Babila Bag

Angelina Jolie has morphed from 'sexy siren' to 'timeless beauty'. It's no surprise to me that Angelina now favors refined designer bags with very little, if any, detailing. Her latest choice is none other than the classic Valextra Babila Bag. If your personal style falls into the "modern classic" category, a Valextra bag is the only bag you'll ever need. Even with Angelina's two beautiful daughters accompanying her, my attention is instantly drawn to her bag (and, no, it's not because I write about bags).

Valextra's charm can be traced directly to the structured silhouettes, subtle detailing and amazing leather all their bags possess. The 'Babila' exemplifies expert craftsmanship, and its price point is reflective of the materials and work that went into making it. The small 'Babila' (Angelina's version) measures a comfortable 14 x 10.5 x 5.5 making it a great handbag option for almost any occasion. The larger travel size (14 x 15 x 4) has a more north-south orientation and can fit magazines or a slim book in case you're interested in using it as a carry-on bag. Not all of us are globe-trotting, humanitarian actresses like Angelina Jolie, but, for $2240, we can at least look like one.

Angelina's Valextra Babila Bag in pergamina white is available thru BarneysNY. They also carry the larger size for $2650 as well as both versions in several different colors. has the small 'Babila' in powder pink and black, both of which are priced at $2114.

Angelina Jolie photo: Celebutopia


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